UltraFit™ Pro Weighted Training Hurdles

Steel weights in base help hurdles return to an upright position.


Half-pound counterweights give these heavy-duty PVC hurdles optimal stability, ensuring they will not tip over from light taps. 

Weighted Base

A half-pound steel base anchors these heavy-duty PVC hurdles in place for the ultimate stability. The counterweights also assist in returning the hurdles to their upright position after they are struck. Overall, these hurdles are a half-pound heavier than traditional training hurdles; the 12” height weighs 1 lb 5 oz, while traditional are about 13 oz.

Convenient Heights

The hurdles are available in 2 heights. The 6” height is perfect for side-to-side agility drills, while the 12” height is better for straight speed drills. Each set of 6 weighted hurdles includes a heavy-duty nylon storage bag for easy transportation and storage.

UltraFit™ Pro Weighted Training Hurdle Options

UltraFit™ Pro Weighted Training Hurdles are available in 2 heights with a storage bag.

  • 6”H
  • 12”H
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