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Javelin Nockenballs
GhostJav Aero Javelin
Rubber Tip Javelins
Competition Javelins
Rainbow EZ Throw Beginner Packs
Shots with Polyethylene Shell
Iron Shots

Iron Shots

World Class Shots
Indoor Rubber Discus
Hard Rubber Discus
Training Rubber Discus with Strap
Steel-Rim Discus

Steel-Rim Discus

Supra Black Discus
Iron Hammers

Iron Hammers

Competition Iron Hammers
Multi Shot/Discus Carrier
Shot/Discus Carrier
Javelin Travel Bag
Implement Rack
Implement Scale
Throws Toe Boards

Throws Toe Boards

Steel Discus Cage with Net
Elite Aluminum Discus Cage With Net

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From PE classes to varsity athletics, buy outstanding javelin, shot put, and discus equipment from Gopher Sport!

Coaches and teachers can create a safe experience for students and athletes using our variety of shot put training equipment. From soft, flexible, and lightweight shot trainers that teach control and technique to iron shots that meet NFHS specification, Gopher has it all. Choose from dependable options for male and female athletes with particular weight and style preferences.

If you're looking for a throwing discus for sale, our selection has options for beginners to high-level competition. Young students will enjoy learning the fundamentals with little intimidation using colorful, lightweight discs. For more advanced competitors looking to hone their skills, they can train using a discus with a strap, placing a focus on turning. Choose from hard rubber or steel-rim discuses for excellent durability and performance during the season.

Creatively introduce javelin track and field equipment with a kit using polyethylene javelins of various sizes paired with targets to promote skill acquisition. Coaches can also choose from rubber tip and competition javelins in a variety of sizes designed for track events.

Help athletes increase their distance with shot, discus, and javelin equipment from Gopher!