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Gopher Pacer 200 Stopwatches
Accusplit Survivor 2 Stopwatches
Gopher Pacer 500 Stopwatch
Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatches
Robic SC-500E Stopwatch
Accusplit AX725 Stopwatches
Robic SC-505W Stopwatches
Ultrak 495 Stopwatch
Robic SC-899 Stopwatch
Seiko Stopwatch with Printer
Ultrak L10 Multi-Lane Stopwatch
MVP Race Timer
Ignition Interval Timer
Gopher Pacer Trifecta Timer
Time Tracker Visual Timer

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Precisely time events and races when you buy track and field timers and stopwatches from Gopher Sport!

Increase efficiency and accuracy during track meets or field day events with timers. Whether a coach needs a handheld stopwatch, or a PE teacher needs a highly visible option the entire class can see, you will find the best option for your program here at Gopher.

Our large variety of stopwatches let teachers and coaches track the times of individual students or up to 3 runners at the same time on one stopwatch. Use them to track time, count laps, as a countdown for stretches, and much more as guide for you students and athletes.

If you need an option that’s larger and easier to see, check out our timers. Digital timers give users the opportunity to see the time at a glance, even from far away. You can set them on the ground or on a table for easy use during PE classes. Coaches and track event officials will appreciate another version that includes a stand. You can also introduce visual reinforcement with a timer that looks like a stoplight to indicate go, slow down, and stop.

Stay informed with Gopher’s timers and stopwatches!