Bison® Ace Serve Hybrid Volleyball System

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Volleyball system with premium net tensioning, post rigidity, and height adjustment!

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Simple Adjustments

The 3-1/2" dia aluminum uprights provide simple and easy-to-use net height adjustment. Marks on the inner pole indicate the official height needed for men's, women's, or junior's play. Maintain net height with an outer telescoping tube and secure the net indicator with a pin stop. Extra tightening of the top rope is not necessary; simply crank the winch until the poles start to flex. Worm-gear winch eliminates backlash when releasing net tension.

The outer pole is pre-set for 10" floor sockets with an adjustable bottom foot. 3" dia lower post provides extra durability to withstand the weight of the upper tube and net.


  • 3-1/2" dia aluminum uprights
  • Adjustable net height
  • Quick net tensioning system
  • 26:1 worm gear winch
  • Meets NCAA, USVBA, NFHS, and FIVB standards
  • Specify color on padding
  • Truck delivery

Court Options

  • Single System. Includes 2 standards (1 with winch), post pads, competition net, antennas, and chain net height gauge. 165 lb.
  • Two-Court System. Serves as a side-by-side court system. Includes 3 standards, post pads, 2 winches, 2 nets, and 2 pr of antennas. 265 lb.