Bison® Carbon Max Composite Volleyball System

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Carbon fiber system with a quick, crank-style internal height adjustment!

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This hybrid system has a 3½" upper post that is made of carbon fiber, and a 3" lower post that is made of aluminum, making it a unique, one-of-a kind system. The net height in this system can easily be adjusted from 6'6" to 8'2" by an inner telescoping pole that uses an internal bevel gear and lead screw mechanism, with a non-removable winch handle. The top of the net can be tightened by the aluminum machined 26:1 worm-gear winch mounted on the end, and the net bottom rope can be adjusted with a ratcheting style tensioner. An easy-to-read engraved net height indicator is located on the inner telescoping pole, allowing play for men, women, and youth. Top and bottom ropes of the net are covered with foam padding for additional player safety. The durable net is made from black polypropylene 3.5 mm knotless woven webbing, with a tough top rope, and a polypropylene bottom rope. Floor sockets are made from extruded aluminum, and floor plates are made of cast brass with a hinged lid.

Meets NCAA, USVBA, and NFHS standards.

One-Court System (87 lb) includes 2 standards (1 with winch), post pads, competition net, and antennas.

Two-Court System (183 lb) serves as a side-by-side court system and includes 3 standards (2 with winches), post pads, 2 competition nets, and antennas.

Specify color on post padding.