Bison® Centerline® Elite™ Volleyball Systems

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Offers less upright deflection and tighter net tension than other systems.

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Strength, stability, and safety highlight these easy-to-use aluminum or steel systems, available in a variety of colors. These Bison® volleyball systems are known for providing better tension than many other competing products.

Easy Adjustment

A unique Auto Track spring-assisted telescoping piston design makes it easy to adjust the net height quickly and precisely. To operate, simply glide the inner tube up or down, and either turn the knob or insert the pin to lock into place. Getting your desired height is quick and easy with this feature!

Adjust heights from 72” to 98”H, just watch the easy-to-read height indicator scales to see the height.

Smart Design

A worm gear winch provides the extreme tight net tension this volleyball net system is known for. The precision-machined 26:1 worm gear winch and 2” tensioning strap eliminate the backlash often found in inferior winch systems and provides ultimate safety and operation levels. You never need to worry about the winch handle becoming a hazard, thanks to its fold-away design!

Available in 2 durable materials, you will find one that suits your needs. A more affordable steel option offers extra durability at a heavier 220 lbs. The more expensive aluminum option weighs only 130 lbs and features more portability. Your choice simply depends on how you plan on using these systems. Both options have a durable powder-coated finish for an extra layer of protection, keeping these systems looking great for years of use.

Totally hidden side dowels and bottom net rope are tensioned with a specially designed rope ratchet tensioner, making it easy to both tighten and release. This allows for fine tension adjustments, and being hidden, it makes for better player safety.

High Levels of Play

Both of these in-floor systems rate as the highest-level Bison systems we offer and are recommended for higher levels of play. They meet all NCAA, USVBA, and NFHS standards. High school programs that desire the advantages of lightweight aluminum but worry about excessive deflection and net tensioning problems common with other systems will appreciate the combination of quality and safety found in these systems.

Bison® Centerline® Elite™ Volleyball System Options

Bison® Centerline® Elite™ Volleyball Systems are available in a one-court system or two-court adapter packages. Floor sleeves and official’s stand sold separately. Truck delivery on systems and adapter packages. Specify free post pad lettering and color.

  • One-Court Systems. Includes 2 standards (1 with winch), net, antennas, post padding with lettering (10-letter max), and cable covers. Floor sleeves sold separately. Free floor sleeve adapters available upon request.
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Two-Court Adapter Packages. Additional winch-end standards allows two-court play when used with the one-court system. Includes 32’ x 39’ competition net and post pad with lettering (10-letter max). Floor sleeve sold separately.
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Components/Accessories
    • Floor Sleeve (3” dia)
    • Official’s Stand
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