Bison® Match Point™ Adjustable Net System

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Our most affordable system adjusts for multiple sports.

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Have the ability to play a multitude of games with this fully adjustable indoor volleyball net system. With outstanding tautness and easy height adjustability, this net system has everything you need to set up a high-level game of volleyball, tennis, or badminton. Our most affordable in-floor net system also allows users to play multiple sports.

Easy Adjustability

A huge range of net height adjustment means you can set it at anywhere from 42” to 96” tall. This tremendous range means you can use it for multiple sports, including volleyball, tennis, and badminton. The included net height gauge makes it extremely easy to read height measurements as you adjust, allowing you to get to the game faster.

These Bison® volleyballs systems feature a strap-style worm winch that’s backlash-free with a gear top rope tensioner. A side tape rope ratchet tensioner allows for fine adjustments midgame. This feature ensures the net will remain at a proper tension level for the entire duration of the match.

Aluminum Construction

Made with a lightweight aluminum, these standards are just as durable as steel but, without the heavy weight. Powder-coated aluminum keeps the system lightweight yet durable and protected against chipping and corroding. It’s easy to move and will last for years to come.

Padding Also Available

Post padding included with each system option comes in multiple colors. All post padding is 1” thick and up to 6’ tall, keeping players and students safe if they collide with posts.

Bison® Match Point™ Adjustable Net System Options

Bison® Match Point™ Adjustable Net Systems are available in a one-court system or a two-court adapter package. Truck delivery on system and adapter package. Specify color on post pad.

  • One-Court System. Includes 2 standards, 1 with winch, 2 economy post pads, 32’ x 36’ competition net, and antennas. Floor sleeves sold separately. 155 lb.
  • Two-Court Adapter Standard. Additional winch-end standard pairs with One-Court System for two-court plan, includes economy post pad. Net and floor sleeve sold separately. 90 lb.
  • Components/Accessories
    • Floor Sleeve (3.5” dia)
    • Post Pad (Two Court, Specify Color)
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