EZStand™ Portable Game Standards

Upgraded design focuses on enhanced stability, making this the best round-base standard available!


Get the most out of your volleyball gameplay using portable volleyball standards with a heavy-duty cast iron base that keeps your uprights straight and lasting for years to come. Other standards tend to shift and sway because they are only secured with a bolt in the sleeve. These stands, however, come with an upgraded support sleeve and threaded bolt under the standard to lock the upright in place, game after game.

Easy Portability

This set of volleyball game standards allows you to take your volleyball, badminton, tennis, or other games anywhere you wish. Select from bases weighing up to 200 lb, and easily tip and roll them on two 5” non-marring wheels. The wheels are positioned wide enough apart that they give the pusher plenty of control without having to worry about the standard tipping over. Simply place your foot on the included foot placement indicators so you know exactly where to push back to roll the standards.

Stable, Durable Design

Perfect for all of your net-based games, these standards feature easy-to-use QwikClamps™ that clamp on and secure the clip quickly. This helps you adjust the net to different heights, quickly.

The standards are more stable than most other portable standards because the pole bolts under the base. An extended stem on the top of this base adds to the stability, especially compared to other standards that bolt their poles on the top of the standard, creating more movement and fluctuation. Their cast iron design adds more weight and makes them extremely durable, allowing them to withstand institutional use day after day. Several different weight options allow you to choose the standard that fits with your needs the best. Each comes with an upright and two QwikClamp™ attachments.

A rubber rim protects your floors from scratches and scrapes. This rim is bolted onto the base to ensure it stays in position.

EZStand™ Portable Game Standard Options

EZStand™ Portable Game Standards are available in 3 weights, in 3 quantities. Uprights are 10'H x 1-3/4" dia.

  • Weights
    • 125 lb
    • 175 lb
    • 200 lb
  • Quantities
    • Individual
    • Pair
    • Set of 3
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