Mikasa® VIP300 Composite Volleyball

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High performance composite construction makes this Mikasa® volleyball a big hit!

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Students will "dig" the superior tack and feel of this volleyball. The cover features cotton wrapped construction for added softness.

Friendly Cover

The composite cover made with Mikasa® high-performance composite leather offers the same soft-touch cover as the Mikasa® VQ2000 Plus, but adds a superb tackiness for enhanced control.

This ball keeps a true shape, thanks to the Accu-Balance Technology construction, which means it can stand up to high levels of indoor competition and doesn't need to be reflated regularly.  

High-Performance Play

Use for official international play by the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB) or high school and secondary play as it meets all NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, USAV specifications. 

Five color options in 2- or 3-color patterns allow you to customize your Mikasa® to match your team's colors or just add a pop of color to the court. White gives you an official, traditional feel. 

Mikasa® VIP300 Composite Volleyball Options

Mikasa® VIP300 Composite Volleyballs are available individually in 6 colors.

  • White
  • Blue/White
  • Red/White/Blue
  • Red/White/Black
  • Red/White
  • Black/White
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