Molten® Super Touch NFHS, NCAA, and USAVB Volleyballs

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Molten® Super Touch Volleyballs deliver superior performance for high-level competition.

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Premium Japanese leather offers ultra-soft, long-lasting game play, while a cotton-wrapped butyl uni-bladder construction provides unparalleled softness, consistent playability, and exceptional durability. This overall design makes Super Touch our top-of-the line leather volleyball.

A Softer, Friendlier Touch

Considered to be softer than most others, the soft Japanese leather allows for long-term use by players while still being easy on their arms. Players will feel less sting and overall discomfort during long practices or games so they stay on top of their game.

Uni-bladder cotton-wrapped construction helps to protect the ball’s bladder during game play and allows the ball to continually maintain its true flight, shape, and playability. Air won't leak, shape won't be compromised.

Official Play

Its official weight and size makes it a top choice for official play with the NCAA. White and Red/White/Blue feature the NFHS Authenticating Mark. The Red/White/Blue ball is the official USA Volleyball and is also USAVB approved. All are indoor use only.

Molten® Super Touch Volleyball Options

Molten® Super Touch Volleyballs are available individually in 3 colors.

  • White
  • Blue/White/Gray
  • Red/White/Blue
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