Molten® V5M5000 Volleyball

The official men's Molten volleyball game ball of the NCAA® championships!


Our top-performing composite ball features a unique microfiber composite cover with ground-breaking flight technology that allows for more accurate passing. Now students' serving, bumping, setting, and spiking will be on mark!

Accurate Flight Design

This official sized and weighted ball offers a consistent, predictable flight pattern due to its Flight Stability Technology (FLISTATEC) design. FLISTATEC features a raised hexagon-shaped pattern on the cover which significantly reduces irregular travel and makes it easier for players to be more successful when serving and passing. 

A nontraditional spiral color pattern adds variety and aids in tracking the ball during flight, for players and spectators! Combined with the thicker microfiber layer over the nylon windings and under the hexagon surface, players can bank on overall improved grip, control, and accuracy. 

High-Level Performance

Because of the unique design and official specifications, this is the best Molten® composite leather ball that we have to offer. It meets all NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, USAV, and FIVB specifications for competitive play and is the official ball of the NCAA® championships.  

Nylon-wound butyl bladder adds durability and superior shape retention so it plays true for many years indoors—for practice or competitive play. 

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