Net Attachment Rings

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Rings slide into place for easy net attachment and height adjustment.

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Make adjustments to your net height easier than ever thanks to these convenient rings. They slide along your standard poles and securely fasten at the height of your choice.

Easy to Use

Make net hanging extremely easy! Simply slide the sleeve over the top of the pole and adjust it to the wanted height. Once you have determined your desired height, tighten it into place by spinning the ring in a clockwise direction for a secure, tight grip.

Built to Last

These attachment rings are hot-dip galvanized steel. A layer of zinc coating helps the clips to last long and stay strong by preventing rusting. You’ll never need to worry about them breaking down! All rings fit posts up to 1-3/4" dia. 

Options for Versatility

Attachment rings are available in single, double, and quad sets. A single ring works great for setting up one court area, a double perfect for 2 set ups with three standards, and a quad is great for four-way net style games and activities with 5 standards.

Whether you choose to hang 1, 2, or 4 nets from your standards, the rings provide a safe and long-lasting option. Use them for your class’s next volleyball, badminton, or theater ball unit.

Net Attachment Rings Options

Net Attachment Rings are available in 3 ring options.

  • Single Ring
  • Double Ring
  • Quad Ring