Gopher Performer™ Volleyball

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 Durable, economical rubber sport volleyball that’s great for teaching volleyball basics.

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A durable design with superior air retention, it’s easy to see why the Performer™ is our most popular and most economical rubber volleyball. Our high-quality, all-weather ball is an excellent option that holds up to multi-player use in institutional settings.

Dependable Construction

A strong, 2-ply butyl bladder locks in air for superior air retention. 100% nylon wound rubber gives the ball excellent durability and helps it keep its shape for a reliable, true flight. The ball is rubber, which makes it a little livelier than other introductory volleyballs but still soft and easy for new players to learn with. Combining these qualities makes the Performer™ make it better than most rubber volleyballs on the market.

Take the Action Anywhere

The moisture-resistant cover lets students use the ball outside or indoors. This means you don’t have to worry if you take the action outside and the ball lands in a puddle. Just wipe it off and kick the game back into gear!

Colorful Versatility

Get some help organizing drills and games with fun Rainbow® colors. The 6 vibrant colors help teachers divide the class into color-coded teams or incorporate creative ideas into games and activities. The fun hues are also a hit with younger students because the balls are easy to track as they fly through the air.

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