Gopher Performer Plus™ Volleyballs

Premium rubber cover volleyball training ball provides a softer, friendlier feel.


An ultra-durable cover makes this ball an easy choice for your class. We took our most popular rubber volleyball and made it even more player friendly. A premium, soft rubber cover and nylon windings combine for a high-quality ball that's durable, yet softer than most other rubber volleyballs.

Superior Rubber Design

We made a great ball ever greater! Our premium Performer Plus™ rubber is thicker and more durable than the cover on our original Performer™ ball. The top-grade rubber cover is softer, making it a non-intimidating option for players who are focused more on honing their skills than competing at an extremely high level. The premium thick cover will provide years of comfortable play for your students.

Outstanding Performance

These volleyballs retain air better than many others! The nylon-wound butyl bladder locks in the air and allows the Performer Plus™ to withstand every spike and bump in class after class. So you can spend more time teaching volleyball skills, and less time worrying about deflated balls.

Eye-catching Colors

Attractive Rainbow® colors catch students’ eyes for easy tracking during flight. The variety of vibrant hues also help instructors organize students according to ball color for drills such as partner passing.

Gopher Performer Plus™ Volleyball Options

Gopher Performer Plus™ Volleyballs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set
    • Includes a Set of 6 volleyballs in Rainbow® colors.
  • Individual Gopher Performer Plus
    • White
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