Rainbow® Rally™ Volleyball Trainers

Soft and friendly trainer volleyball for younger students.


Teach young students how to control an official weight volleyball without the sting. The incredibly soft and velvety stitched foam cover helps players develop confidence with an official weight ball in either standard or oversized options.

Outstanding Skill Development

Playing with an official weight ball, while also reducing the sting factor, gives students a chance to practice and have game experience free of fear. This design makes the ball perfect for developing accuracy in bumps and sets. It is a natural progression up from the Rally™ Lite ball. This ball offers students another chance to continue developing skills before moving up to a regular game ball.

Quality Design

A strong butyl bladder helps the ball to maintain its outstanding playability and softness by retaining air even during the most rugged periods of volleyball play. 

Loved by Teachers

Teachers can easily separate their classes for different drills based on the variety of colors available in the Rainbow® Sets. The colors also add creative twists to games and activities. The traditional white ball gives games a more official feel and look, while still benefitting from the soft cover. 

Rainbow® Rally™ Volleyball Trainer Options

The Rainbow® Rally™ Volleyball Trainers are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes, or Individually in 1 size.

Rainbow® Set 

  • Official Size, 8"" dia
  • Oversized, 10"" dia

Individual White 

  • Official Size, 8"" dia"
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