Rainbow® SoftPlay™ Volleyball Trainer

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Our softest, least-intimidating volleyball trainer ball  features a soft fabric cover!

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Soft, durable-knit polyester cover has a cushioning layer of foam that makes these no-sting trainers ideal for developing fundamentals. Our most affordable trainer is 30% lighter than an official ball for a fantastic, non-intimidating option. 

Excellent Training Tool

This extremely soft ball makes the perfect training tool to help young students practice their volleyball skills. They will be able to practice for longer periods of time without the wear and tear on their arms, in turn helping them build good habits and technique.

Amazing Durability

The soft, friendly fabric and light weight allow the ball to float through the air. SoftPlay™ features a butyl bladder for the best air retention. It was designed to be durable enough to be used in a wide variety of indoor activities. 

Exceptional Versatility

The ball comes in two sizes, oversized and official. This helps students start learning volleyball skills with the oversized ball. Once skills progress appropriately, they can work their way to the official size ball. Instructors are able to use the Rainbow® colors to easily divide classes for drills and to add new, fun elements into games and activities. The colors can help you incorporate other skills into your volleyball unit. For example, you can say the color in Spanish and have students yell that color when they bump the ball. 

Rainbow® SoftPlay™ Volleyball Trainer Options

The Rainbow® SoftPlay™ Volleyball Trainers are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes. 

Rainbow® Sets

  • Official, 8" dia
  • Oversized, 10" dia

Individual Red/White/Blue Trainers

  • Official, 8" dia
  • Oversized, 10" dia
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