Rainbow® SoftScore™ Volleyball Trainer

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The best coated-foam training volleyballs you will find!

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It looks like a traditional volleyball, but the soft foam of the SoftScore™ is much friendlier. It is easy on the arms and less intimidating for beginners. Official-size ball contains our highest-quality foam along with a pick-proof and moisture-resistant coating, ensuring this ball will last match after match. 

Increased Participation

The soft, sting-free foam design of these balls allows students to practice and work on their skills for longer periods of time while completely free of fear of having the ball sting their arms. This design also allows the ball to fly slower, which helps younger kids be more successful during game play.

Exceptional Quality

The ball’s premium cover keeps moisture away from the foam and keeps the ball in great shape for much longer. The low-density and low-bounce design lets young kids work on their skills without having to chase the ball all over the gym or playground when they throw or drop it. This makes this ball a perfect choice for areas in where there is not a whole lot of space.

Classroom Versatility

Vibrant Rainbow® colors help teachers better organize their drills and students. Each of the 6 balls can be used to represent a different activity or station. Otherwise, you can use the colors to divide the class into clearly defined teams.

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