Spalding® Elite Volleyball Systems

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Spalding's most popular in-floor power volleyball system is easy to set up and adjust.

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Fully adjustable and built for safety, these durable indoor volleyball systems feature premier aluminum or steel construction. As the official supplier of the NFHS, Spalding’s Elite Volleyball Systems meet all NCAA, USVBA, and NFHS standards.

Easy Setup

Whether using these for women’s, men’s, or junior’s volleyball, these systems feature clear markings to tell you when you reach the correct height. As a result, you can quickly adjust nets to the correct height for all levels of play.

An included worm gear winch with rope ratchet makes adjusting the net’s height and tension extremely easy. Keeping the net tight during intense play ensures the best-possible game experience for all players. The winch adjusts easily and comes with a textured rubber knob for a more secure grip, lessening the chances of hands slipping during adjustments. A rope ratchet locking system allows users to make quick, on-the-fly adjustments of the net’s bottom ropes.

Durable Construction

Available in both steel and aluminum, these standards have truly been built to last. Powder-coated uprights provide extra protection. The uprights themselves are made of 3” OD steel or lighter weight extruded aluminum for the highest level of competitive play. The steel system weighs 187 lbs, and the aluminum weighs 111 lbs.

Both Spalding® volleyball net systems feature spring-loaded telescoping pistons for easy adjustment when raising or lowering the top pole, regardless of competitive height. Each standard also uses cables and nylon straps to provide better net tension. An improved pulley guard is designed to prevent cable misalignment, keeping the cable on the pulley for greater safety and improved tension.

Spalding® Elite Volleyball System Options

Spalding® Elite Volleyball Systems are available in one-court systems or two-court adapter systems. Floor sleeve sold separately. Truck delivery on systems and adaptor packages. Specify color for post pad.

  • One-Court Systems. Includes 2 standards (1 with winch), 2 economy post pads, 32’ x 36’ competition net, and antennas. Floor sleeves sold separately.
    • Steel (187 lb)
    • Aluminum (111 lb)
  • Two-Court Adapter Packages. Additional standard pairs with One-Court System for two-court play, includes economy post pad. Net and floor sleeve sold separately.
    • Steel (103 lb)
    • Aluminum (64 lb)
  • Components/Accessories
    • Floor Sleeve (3” dia)
  • Post Pad Colors
    • Red
    • Maroon
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Forest Green
    • Kelly Green
    • Royal
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • White
    • Gray
    • Black
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