Spalding® Post Padding

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Protective padding in your choice of 13 popular colors.

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Add some safety to your standards with round or four-sided volleyball pole pads. You can customize the padding color to coordinate with your school or team’s colors.

Two Styles

Available in 2 styles, four-sided or round pads, with end and center post variants. Use center pads in a two-court, three-standard setup, in which the winches are on the far ends and you have an open standard with no winch.

For a two-court setup, you would want either the rounded or four-sided end pads. If you have a three-standard two-court setup, you would want sets of end pads along with a center pad, giving you total protection for your setup. Standard four-sized pads come in a two-piece construction, while rounded pads come in a single construction.

Snug Fit

All pads come with a 1” thick, 18 oz vinyl that fits snugly to standards up to 4" in diameter. They easily adjust for a perfect fit thanks to 5 adjusting Velcro® pieces. This helps you to make sure your padding never interferes with play. The quality and thickness of the vinyl padding ensures it will stand up to player and ball impact without ripping or tearing. Use them for years to come in your gym.

Spalding® Post Padding Options

Spalding® Post Padding is available in standard 4-sided or economy round. Specify color of post pad.

  • Standard Post Pads (4-Sided)
    • End Pads
    • Center Pad
  • Economy Post Pads (Round)
    • End Pads
    • Center Pad