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SportSkillz™ Volleyball Training Station Packs

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Save time with one-of-a-kind packs designed to introduce students to the key skills of volleyball!

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Quickly set up 12 customized, circuit-style volleyball training drills for kids with all the equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of volleyball to an entire class at once. Self-directed skills accommodate all ages and require little guidance from the teacher.

Clear Instruction

Twelve station boards provide exact start and stop instruction, covering all the key skills in volleyball from bumping and forearm passing to spiking. Students will be able to learn all the skills and knowledge they need to develop their volleyball skills.

The volleyball drills and skills included on these boards include Bump and Forearm Pass, Bump and Forearm Pass Over Net, Shuffle Bump, Shuffle Jump Progression, Setting, Setting Over Net, Underhand Serving, Overhand Serving, Partner Serve/Bump/Set, Digging, Introduction to Blocking, and Introduction to Spiking.

All of these skills are broken down clearly in an easy-to-follow set of instructions. For overhand serving, it might read like this:

Start: Student 1 stands with left foot forward and leans upper body forward. Hold ball in left hand in front of body at chest level. Close right fist with thumb on outside of pointer finger. With a straight right arm, swing it behind and forward, hitting ball with flat surface, just below palm. Use opposite foot and hand placements for left-handed students. Stop: After 5 serves, students switch positions. TIP: Do not toss ball in air before hitting it. If using a net, student 2 stands on opposite side.)

Boards also offer 3 images giving the students a still frame example of each part of the skill.

Great for Teachers

Each pack comes with small, compact teacher cards that easily fit into pockets. These cards provide additional information beyond instructions provided on the boards, including information about implementation, equipment needed for each drill based on number of participating students, duration of each drill, start and stop action keys, and tips to help improve the success of the student.

SportSkillz™ Volleyball Training Station Pack Options

SportSkillz™ Volleyball Training Station Packs are available in 2 packs. Extra boards and cards sold separately.

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