Supra™ Volleyball Trainer

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Practice and develop skills with a lightweight training volleyball for kids that won't sting!

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From 20-50% lighter than a traditional volleyball, students can focus more on training and less on fear of the ball. The lighter weight helps them develop skills properly, and the 3 sizes help increase and decrease difficultly.

Lightweight and Non-Intimidating

All of these balls are lighter than standard volleyballs, regardless of their size. The Junior Size is 20% smaller and 50% lighter than a standard regulation ball; Official Size is 40% lighter; Oversized is 20% larger and 25% lighter.

Combining the lightweight design with a soft, sting-free cover makes them significantly less intimidating to young students. Kids can start with the oversized ball and work toward the official-sized or junior-sized balls to increase the challenge as their skills progress.

Amazing Durability

The soft, thin synthetic leather cover allows for multiple repetitions while protecting the ball from the wear and tear that comes with long-term usage. A tough butyl bladder keeps the ball inflated and ready for every spike.

Economical Choice

The wide variety of Rainbow® colors helps teachers organize students and drills, splitting up different games and activities based on each color choice. The individual Optic Yellow balls is extremely easy to see and helps students develop tracking skills. If you're trying to keep costs low, The Supra™ is a cost-effective option that make sit our most popular introductory volleyball we have to offer.

Supra™ Volleyball Trainer Options

The Supra™ Volleyball Trainers are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes, or Individually in 3 sizes. Rainbow® Sets

  • Official Size, 8" dia
  • Oversized, 10" dia

Individual Optic Yellow Trainers

  • Junior Size, 7" dia
  • Official Size, 8" da
  • Oversized, 10" dia
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