Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball

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Tachikara's SV-5W Gold is their bestselling leather ball!

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The ball’s U.S. premium leather cover is proven to be friendlier and paired with cotton reinforcement panels. It offers the utmost in softness, feel, and durability and keeps players' performance top notch! 

Easy on Players

The premium Tachikara leather cover has proven to be less stressful on finger joints, which means your team stay focused on the game and not on hurting fingers. 

Dual Bladder Construction® means Tachikara's flagship balls are constructed with 2 internal bladders. One encapsulates the other, with a buffer of air between the 2, to absorb impact and preserve the life of the center bladder. This lengthens the life of the ball, as its twice as durable, as well as improves its responsiveness and control during play. Players will see—and feel— the difference! 

Quality Construction

The leather and Dual Bladder Construction™ not only gives the ball a great touch and outstanding playability, it also makes it an extremely durable, long-lasting ball. It holds up to routine indoor practices and is perfect for the highest levels of men’s and women’s competitive play. 

Official Game Play

SV-5W Gold is the official volleyball of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and meets all specifications by the NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, USAV, and FIVB. NFHS Authenticating Mark. 

Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball Options

Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball is available individually in 3 colors. 

  • White
  • Scarlet/White/Navy
  • College Blue/White/Silver
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