Tachikara® SV-5WS Sensi-Tec® Volleyballs

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Tachikara's best composite  volleyball!

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The premium Sensi-Tec® composite cover features the textured feel of real leather for better control and truer touch. The ball’s patented Loose Bladder Construction® creates cushioning between the bladder and cotton reinforcement panels for a soft, consistent touch, increased durability, and long-lasting air retention, making it the most popular game ball we have to offer.

Outstanding Durability

This excellent game ball that will last season after season! The Sensi-Tec® microfiber composite leather uses a resin-fused fiber cover that not only makes the ball’s cover durable, but also gives the cover a truer touch for better in-game performance.

Loose Bladder Construction® features a layer of air between the quad-carbon isomer bladder and woven cotton reinforced panels to absorb and evenly disperse impact from spikes, digs, and hard passes.

Official Play

Our most affordable Tachikara® game ball official size and weight and is approved for official play. It meets NFHS, NCAA, IVBF, USAV, and FIVB specifications. NFHS Authenticating Mark included.

Excellent Versatility

This ball comes in our largest selection of colors for the ultimate in customization! The Rainbow® Set of 6 is great for large group settings and allows teachers and coaches to better organize drills for fast-paced, efficient practice. Create stations by color, with each focusing on specific drills. Or, create unique volleyball games that incorporate more than one ball! Over 40 individual color options make it almost impossible to not correspond with your school's colors. Three-color options provide optimal tracking for students, coaches, and spectators!

Tachikara® SV-5WS Sensi-Tec®

Volleyball Options Tachikara® SV-5WS Sensi-Tec® Volleyballs are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually in over 40 color combinations.

Rainbow® Set

Individual Ball Colors

  • White
  • Black
  • Cardinal
  • Gold 
  • Green
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Powder Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal
  • Scarlett
  • Teal
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