Gopher Victory 1000™ Volleyballs

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Our outdoor volleyball for kids has a soft and velvety feel, with outstanding durability.

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Synthetic cover is soft enough for indoor play, and tough enough for outdoor play. A strong butyl bladder adds extra durability and long-lasting air retention. So, you can keep the action going without having to stop and refill the ball.

Ready for Action Anywhere

The moisture- and abrasion-resistant cover on this volleyball helps it hold up to long-term use both inside and out. The construction shields our popular volleyball from the elements outdoors and the wear and tear associated with all kinds of play.

Quality Construction

The cloth-wrapped, reinforced butyl bladder allows the ball to keep its shape for longer periods of time, using air pockets for impact absorption. Its softness and durability make it the perfect choice to use in school, club, camps, and team settings for providing a comfortable experience during play.

Class Organization

The Rainbow® colors make this a perfect choice for class and drill organization. The colors help teachers run their classes more smoothly and implement creative ideas for games and activities. The white ball provides even new and young players with a more official look and feel.

Gopher Victory 1000™ Volleyball Options

Gopher Victory 1000™ Volleyballs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual White
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