Volleyball Antennas

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Sturdy net boundaries available in foldable or official designs.

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Choose between 2 fiberglass volleyball antennas in recreational folding or official competition styles. The folding antenna attaches to the net with Velcro®, while the official antenna clamps to the top and bottom of the net. Antennas give players and the referee a visual aid to judge a ball when played over the net and out of bounds.

Convenient Options

Available in 2 options, you will find the perfect volleyball antenna to suit your needs. Take apart foldable after use for easier storage. They attach to the net by Velcro® straps in a 2” white pockets in the bottom of the antennas. The top portion, a fiberglass red and white antenna, slips easily into the pocket for correct positioning on the net. Each set of foldable antennas includes 2 collapsible antennas with a carrying bag.

Designed for official volleyball gameplay, official antennas attach to the net with clamps on both the bottom and top of the net. Each official set includes 2 red and white antennas and a bag for protection and storage after play.

Quality Design

Constructed with a durable fiberglass, these antennas will withstand ball impact without breaking or bending. As a result, they stand up to years of use and consistently ensure the out of play boundary is correct. Both antennas fit 36” and 39” nets, which make up the bulk of volleyball nets available on the market.

Volleyball Antenna Options

Volleyball Antennas are available in foldable or official. Both include a storage bag.

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