Volleyball Net Keepers

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No more tangled nets!

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Make storing nets extremely easy! Simply wind the net onto the rack for neat, tangle-free volleyball net storage after your game or practice session ends.

Easy to Use

Save time and stop trying to untangle messy nets! This storage system will roll, house, and unroll full-size volleyball nets for easy setup and takedown without having to spend time untangling the net.

Hang nets by their band and then wind them up using the rubber-textured spindle handles. Once wound, you can roll the nets into the storage area and kept there until you are ready to use them again. Once you are ready to set up for your next game or practice, simply wheel the keeper back out, hook the end of the net to the standard, wheel it to the other side of the court and watch the net unwind itself.

Durably Built

A powder-coated steel construction ensures this net keeper stays in great shape for years of use. The keeper comes with three 4” non-marring swivel casters that not only make transportation easy, but also assist in the rolling and unrolling of these nets.

Volleyball Net Keeper Options

Volleyball Net Keepers are available in single, double, or triple versions.

  • Single, 20 lb
  • Double, 24 lb
  • Triple, 40 lb