Volleyball System Carriers

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Haul it all with these convenient volleyball pole storage solutions!

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Looking for an easy way to transport your volleyball standards? These carriers feature welded-steel frames that hold up to 6 sleeve-type end standards, 3 nets, 3 pairs of pads, antennas, and a dozen balls.

Easier Standard Hauling

Rather than making your team or class help carry heavy volleyball standards into the gym, you can use this carrier to make hauling easier than ever. The carrier comes in a 4-standard model or 6-standard, allowing you to haul in-ground standards along with nets and other accessories to help start your class or practice as quickly as possible.

The 6-standard carrier also features a 43” x 21” reinforced vinyl equipment bag. This storage bag helps carry extra equipment, such as balls, nets, and antennas, and attaches to the carrier by nylon lock ties at each end rail. You can also use the 6-standard carrier to haul a folded referee’s stand.

Excellent Design

The rectangular design of the carrier features 12 or 8 arms on the outside, depending on the model you choose. These heavy-duty powder-coated steel upright hooks have felt-lining to protect the finish of the standards. Simply lay your standard poles across these arms for easy storage and transportation.

Both models of the carrier feature four 4” swivel casters, making it easy to wheel the carrier out from storage to your desired destination. These casters are non-marring, so you don’t need to worry about them scuffing up your gym floor.

A heavy-duty welded steel frame gives the carrier the strength it needs to haul all of the needed parts of your net system. The steel is powder coated blue for a nice look while also providing additional protection against chips and rusting, ensuring your carrier will last for years to come. A number of 3” rigid steel square vertical posts are joined together for even greater strength and durability.

Volleyball System Carrier Options

Volleyball System Carriers are available in2 sizes.

  • 4-Standard, 42”L x 32”W x 28”H, 51 lb
  • 6-Standard, 48”L x 36”W x 41”H, 82 lb