Volleyball Trainer Pack

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Introduce and develop important offensive and defensive skills with volleyball training equipment.

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Convenient pack includes volleyball training tools needed to help students and players improve important volleyball skills. This is our only pack for volleyball that uses training devices to teach specific skills used during a volleyball match.

Options for Skill Development

Each tool included in this pack helps students and players to develop important volleyball skills. These items are meant for practice use only. The pack contains a spike trainer and bungee blocker for drills, 6 Pass Rite wrist/ankle straps, and a Net Extender for serving and precise ball placement.

The spike trainer helps students with spiking form and reps. It holds the ball securely in place while the attacker develops form and hitting techniques. This tool is lightweight, yet durable, allowing it to withstand daily practice use.

A bungee blocker helps spikers to develop power on their spikes. It is the ultimate blocking tool, made with a lightweight aluminum and bungee straps for simulation of game moments in practice. In addition to promoting better hitting power, it also helps with hitting placement and blocking coverage.

Pass Rite straps help players develop proper positioning for passing moves. Each pack includes 6 straps. A durable elastic band attaches to the passer’s wrists and ankles, preventing excessive upward arm movement. Bands are padded and have Velcro® for fine adjustment to fit the passer comfortably. It is also adjustable to meet just about any passer’s height.

The Net Extender allows players to practice serving or attacking in a specific plane above the net. Its durable, stretchable elastic easily connects to the net antennas with Velcro® fasteners. Coaches and players can use the device to practice serving or attacking for specific game situations. It can be adjusted to almost any height based on the height of your volleyball set’s antennas.