Beach Volleyballs

Three official Wilson® and Mikasa® beach volleyballs are perfect for all of your sand volleyball action!


Tightly stitched panels and reinforced linings keep the elements out, keeping these balls ready for all weather environments. They can handle sand, dirt, and other rough materials that would damage an indoor ball.

Outstanding Design for Outdoors

Whether using in a school or co-recreational program, these balls are up for the challenge! They are ready for multiple player use, class after class. All have a strong butyl bladder for superior air retention, helping the balls keep their shape for years to come. Each low-sting ball has its own unique characteristics, so you will find the perfect option for your class or team

Perfect for Any Setting

If you’re looking for a great practice ball or a ball with a pro feel, each ball has a distinct cover to suit your needs. 

  • The Mikasa® VXL30 is a replica outdoor game ball for the 2016 Olympics. It features a soft synthetic-leather 10-panel cover and nylon windings for excellent durability in sand. 
  • The Wilson® AVP® Replica Game Ball has an 18-panel, TPU composite cover. It’s our most affordable beach volleyball and best suited for recreational use. 
  • The Wilson® Ultimate Beach is the highest end beach volleyball we offer. It feels almost like an indoor ball with a composite microfiber cover. The 18-panel ball is hand-sewn and has a reinforced lining to stand up to every day, multiple player use. 

Beach Volleyballs Options

Beach Volleyballs are available in 3 models.

  • Mikasa® VXL30
  • Wilson® AVP® Replica Game Ball
  • Wilson® Ultimate Beach 
Which volleyball is right for me?


Ball Inflation Needles

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Compact Inflator

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Exta Large Mesh Bag, Red

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