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Tachikara® SV-5WS Sensi-Tec® Volleyballs
Tachikara® SV18S Volleyball
Rainbow® SoftPlay™ Volleyball Trainer
Supra™ Volleyball Trainer
Rainbow® Gopher Biggie!™ Volleyball
Mikasa® VQ2000 Plus Volleyballs
UltraPlay™ Volleyballs
Gopher Performer™ Volleyball
PowerTac™ Volleyballs
Tachikara® SV-MN Volley-Lite® Volleyball Trainer
Mikasa® VSL215 Volleyball
Beach Volleyballs
Gopher Performer Plus™ Volleyballs
Rainbow® SofFelt™ Volleyball Trainer
Rainbow® Rally™ Lite Volleyball Trainers
Gopher Intro-Sport™ Volleyball
Rainbow® SofTex™ Volleyballs
SoffPlay™ Volleyballs
Gopher Comp 1000™ Volleyball
Gopher Comp 1000 Plus™ Volleyball

Set your team up with quality equipment when you purchase volleyballs from Gopher Sport!

Gopher provides teachers, coaches, and students with the most popular names in outdoor and indoor volleyballs. Colorful or bright white designs make each volleyball ball stand out for maximum visibility as they fly across the court. Durable construction makes them stand up to routine use. We also have durable sand volleyballs ready for intense play on rough surfaces. 

Browse our large collection of volleyballs designed for introductory through advanced play.

How to choose a volleyball ball:


  • Official: Balls are official size and weight for game and practice play with school and professional teams.
  • Trainer: Balls designed for improved success or friendlier action for younger/beginner players. Sizes and weights vary to focus on specific skills and age groups.

Cover Material:

  • Leather: The best performing, highest-quality material. Top choice for professional games. Indoor use.
  • Composite: Simulates the performance of leather with a softer feel. Most popular ball for games and practice. Indoor or indoor/outdoor use.
  • Rubber: Good playability and the best durability. The economical choice for all-purpose institutional use. Indoor/outdoor use.
  • Fabric: Player-friendly with soft, no-string cover. Ideal for introductory skill development. Indoor use.