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Rawlings VELO Adult Wood Ash Baseball Bats
Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves
REAListic Dual-Curved Backboard Tennis Trainers
REAListic Straight-Tilt Backboard Tennis Trainers
Rubber Tip Javelins
Schutt Air 4.2 Fast Pitch Batting Helmet
Schutt 02 Maxx QB/WR Shoulder Pads
Schutt 02 Maxx Skill Shoulder Pads
Schutt Back Plates
Schutt Base Caddy
Schutt BP Barrel
Schutt Chin Cup Sleeve
Schutt Chin Strap Buckles
Schutt Coach's Backpack
Schutt DNA All-In-One Football Pants
Schutt Dugout Fence Bat Rack
Schutt Football Scrimmage Cap
Schutt Hollywood Bury All Home Plate
Schutt Hollywood Impact Bases
Schutt Hollywood Impact Kwik-Release Double First Base
Schutt Inter-Link Jaw Pads
Schutt Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Bases
Schutt Lightweight Rib Vests
Schutt Optics Elite Visor
Schutt O-Seven Soft Cap Helmets
Schutt O-Seven Soft Shoulder Pads
Schutt Poly-Knit All-In-One Football Pants
Schutt Rib Protectors
Schutt SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Straps
Schutt Shoulder Pad Accessories
Schutt Sideline Kits
Schutt Stabilizer Jaw Pads

Buy high-quality school athletic equipment for teams and PE classes from Gopher Sport!

Whether you’re looking for school sports equipment supplies for teams, or looking to outfit an entire recreation program, Gopher has you covered! From basketball and football, to archery and gymnastics, you’ll find the sport you’re looking for.

PE Sports Equipment

A wide selection of high-quality products in each sport will stand up to routine use throughout the school year. Many options ensure you’re picking the best PE sports equipment for your unit. All-encompassing packs in each sport include all the equipment teachers need to thoroughly introduce a sport to their classes. Introductory products made of softer materials in smaller sizes and bright colors are perfect for younger students and boost an interest in the sport.

Team Athletic Gear

Need official equipment to keep your team competitive on the court, field, or wherever they compete? No problem! Find top-quality sports equipment from the top brands to outfit your players. You’ll find tough products ready for consistent use during practice, as well as official game balls, goals, and sticks for competition.

Shop for top-notch, quality products from Gopher and popular brand names.