Award Ribbons

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Instructor-friendly awards are ideal for recognizing achievement.

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Handing out ribbons for students who participate in school activities and events greatly recognizes effort and achievement, motivates students, and keeps them striving towards success. Use these ribbons for any presentation to offer a design that looks and feels authentic and prestigious.

Great for Any Achievement

From field day activities to science fairs, spelling bees to scholastic honors, these ribbons recognize and praise student achievements! Each comes with a card on the back to specifically write in a recipient’s name, date, and reason for the award, so they’ll always be able to look back on their honors. A v-top design and accompanying cord makes it easy to attach and hang them from anything, offering versatility when it comes to presentation.

We offer these ribbons in 6 colors and 7 place distinctions. The various place distinctions available include 1st place through 6th place, with a general participant ribbon also available. Each represents a different color, to make it clear what place each signifies.

Quality Construction

Unlike other, more generic ribbons, these award ribbons feature a satin construction, to give students the feeling that they’ve really won something! Durable and glossy, satin ensures the ribbon will always exude a sophisticated appeal. The vibrant colors of each place also stand out beautifully to catch the eye of onlookers.

These ribbons measure 8”L x 2”W for a larger alternative that draws more attention to winners.

Award Ribbon Options

Award Ribbons are available in sets, in 7 place distinctions, and 6 colors.

  • Set of 100. Includes 25 ea 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Participant.
  • Set of 50 Ribbons
    • 1st Place, Blue
    • 2nd Place, Red
    • 3rd Place, White
    • 4th Place, Yellow
    • 5th Place, Green
    • 6th Place, Pink
    • Participant, Green