Sports Award Medals with Ribbons

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Unique, 3D images make these medals and athletes stand out!

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Drape an award around the neck of your student athletes to turn their successes into a tangible recognition of their efforts! These medals feature sports that students play in school, however they’re also great for field day events and other PE activities. Durable construction and authentic-looking design make them a coveted award by all!

Sport-Specific Recognition

Featuring popular sport-specific graphics engraved on the front, these medals are ideal for sports teams and individual students participating in athletics. Sports medals come in 5 popular sports varieties: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Track and Field. This selection makes a great addition to traditional field day events in gym class, as well as for sports tournaments. The unique 3D images of each sports make the medals stand out, showing everyone exactly what sport the student achieved success in!

Durable Quality

Made of durable zinc metal, you can engrave the back of the medals to customize the award for each individual receiving it. A 3D engraving of each sport on the front of medals, combined with their weighty hand feel, gives the allure of authentic awards that students will come to treasure.

Medals measure 2.25" dia, making them large enough to stand out and unencumbering to younger students who might be draping them around their necks. Neck ribbons measure 30"L x 1.5"W.

Sport Award Medal with Ribbon Options

Sports Award Medals with Ribbons are available individually in 5 sports.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Track and Field