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Big 30"W x 24"L whiteboard goes anywhere.

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Whether you’re drawing up a game plan or you’re spelling out the day’s activities for your class, a dry-erase board is the simplest, most effective way to do it. These boards offer great visibility, are easily portable, and, thanks to 4 color options, allow for easy visualization of important information by students and athletes.

Great Versatility

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can utilize a dry-erase board on a daily basis! Teachers can write down the day’s lesson objectives for the entire class to see; PE teachers can spell out the day’s exercise routine for the class; coaches can diagram complex plays for student athletes during practice. No matter what information you have to convey, a whiteboard will make it easily understandable and readily visible for onlookers.

The best part about a handheld dry erase board for teachers is its unlimited uses. As soon as the information written is no longer needed or no longer accurate, the message can be quickly wiped away and replaced with something more applicable! It takes only moments and requires no additional materials.

Easily Portable

Because of its 24”L x 30”W size and the handle featured atop it, this portable whiteboard for teachers is extremely easy to relocate from place to place. Prop it up against a wall for students to see as they walk past it, hang it on a hook for widespread visibility, or simply hold it to call attention to the information as you explain it to your students.

4 Marker Color Options

Four colored markers—black, blue, red, and green—are available for this whiteboard, giving you a range of colors to use when writing or diagraming on your whiteboard. Each color demands attention, meaning you can use the various colors to call out different information or delineate data on drawings. More colors make it easy for students to distinguish the important facts being relayed to them. Coaches especially will love the versatility of all 4 colors as they explain player positions, opponent positions, movements, and other important game data.

Dry-Erase Board & Marker Options

Dry-Erase Board & Markers are available as an individual Board and set of 4 Markers.

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