Cone Caps™ Station Markers

Quickly set up fitness stations, movement courses, or interdisciplinary challenges using cone signs!


Challenge students to perform different fitness activities or complete a movement course. These durable polysytrene station markers can be used with or without cones and easily stack for simple storage. 

Easy Customization

Customizing your unit stations just got a whole lot easier. Use the blank set and write on using the supplied washable markers to provide instructions for drill stations. For example, in a basketball unit you could put younger students at stations for alternate hand dribbling, then erase between classes and rewrite to have your older classes work on between the legs dribbling.

You can also easily set up multiple stations with exercises such as body fold and toe touches, then switch up to animal movements. This constant changing up of exercises can keep students invested in the unit.

Easy to Use

These easy-to-read station boards are designed with a circle cut out, allowing them to fit on any 6”H or larger traditional-shaped cone. The white boards measure 6”W x 4”H, and are easily read from a short distance away so long as you write in large enough letters.

The boards do not have to be perched atop cones. They have been designed to be able to stand up and work as station boards on their own without a cone.

Only use washable markers with these boards; permanent markers will not easily wipe off.

Cone Caps™ Station Marker Options

Cone Caps™ Station Markers are available 6 sets in various quantities with markers. Washable Markers also sold separately.

  • Numbers, Set of 10
  • Fitness Station, Set of 22
  • Locomotor, Set of 24
  • Animal Movement, Set of 29
  • Blank, Set of 12
  • Washable Markers, Set of 8
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