Numbered 9" Vinyl Spots

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Vibrant, molded-in numbered poly spots are perfect for countless games and activities.

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Get a set of high-quality numbered spots that firmly grip the floor. Use them as targets, bases, station markers, and more! Their heavy-duty vinyl will never crack or tear.

Incorporate Math and Physical Activity

Add arithmetic to athletics with these numbered vinyl spots! These ¼” tall spots come numbered through 100. You can choose the number set that is most appropriate for your class’s learning or math level to allow you to combine math with physical activity.

You have 4 set options: 1-10, 11-25, 26-50, and 1-100. Larger number sets allow you to get more complicated with the math problems you present to your class. Our set of 100 is the largest numbered set we have to offer.

High-Quality Construction

Featuring a tear-resistant 100% vinyl construction, these spots are built to withstand long-lasting use. A super tacky bottom ensures the spots will stay in place and will not slip when stepped on. The molded-in numbers not only ensure the print will not fade or peel away, but also add some extra grip to the top of the spot. Their bright orange coloring is protected by UV inhibitors, ensuring they remain bright and easily visible for years to come.

These spots are developed for both indoor and outdoor use. They will not crack or become brittle over time. When used on the gym floor, the vinyl prevents the underside of the spot from making any marks or skids on the surface. At .4lb each, their light weight makes pick up and clean up extremely easy.

Great Versatility

Math isn’t the only use for these spots! They make great options for marking boundaries for various classroom games, or can be used as targets in tossing games. They also make great substitute bases for tee-ball or kickball.

Numbered 9" Vinyl Spot Options

Numbered 9" Vinyl Spots are available in numbers 4 sets in orange.

  • 1-10, Set of 10
  • 11-25, Set of 15
  • 26-50, Set of 25
  • 1-100, Set of 100
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