Numbered Vinyl Cones

Our most popular cones, now numbered for quick and easy organization!

Numbered 12”H cones add a twist to games and relay races! The 4”H decaled numbers are easy to spot during gameplay and the cones themselves are durable enough to stay put, even on windy days or when bumped during fast-paced activities! 

Versatility Galore

The 4” bold, black decal numbers allow teachers to quickly designate stations and activities in the gym or outdoors for greater organization and smoother class sessions so less time is spent on setup/instructions!

You can also add numbered cones into various games and activities to implement new twists. For example, in Basketball Shoot Out, you could place the number 1 cone closest to the basket, and have the larger numbers placed farther away. Players get a minute to shoot as many times as they can, moving to the next cone after a shot is made. Points are added up at the end and the student with the highest point total wins!

Durable and Convenient

Most other vinyl cones on the market are not as durable and thick as these. These won’t crack or tear and even manage to stay upright after being bumped or when outside on windy days, making these a staple for your equipment collection!

The cones are a blaze orange color, so they are extremely easy to see when used outdoors on large fields or as markers to designate parking, lanes, and more. When you’re ready to store them, simply stack them up and take them to your closet, where they take up the floor space of 1 cone!

Set includes 10 cones (numbered 1-10). 

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