Orange Vinyl Cones

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Versatile cones are bendable, safe, and guaranteed not to tear!

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Featuring a one-piece construction for safety and durability, these vinyl cones for PE are highly visible and extremely convenient. Storage and transportation are easy, as the cones stack into each other neatly to save you a lot of space. This is the most affordable vinyl cone we have, and one of our most popular cone offerings.

Tough and Dependable

These cones were clearly designed with athletic use in mind. Their spring back, all-vinyl construction means that when a player steps or runs over the cones, they will still return to their original shape.

The vinyl material ensures the cone will last longer than other plastic ones. It will last even through prolonged exposure to wind, sun, and rain.

Highly Visible

It’s hard not to see these cones, thanks to their bright orange color. This makes them great for marking anything from drainage holes to goal lines. Ultraviolet inhibitors preserve that bright color thanks to their fade-resistant properties.

Great Versatility

With 5 available sizes, you have plenty of options with these cones. For example, 6”H cones make for great tools for marking out walking paths for fundraisers, while 12”H cones are perfect for marking goal lines for your next flag football game.

Orange Vinyl Cone Options

Orange Vinyl Cones are available Individually or in Sets of 6 in 5 sizes.

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    • Individual
    • Set of 6
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    • 6”H
    • 12”H
    • 18”H
    • 28”H
    • 36"H
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