ProTuff™ Half-Cones

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A whopping 50% thicker than most half-cones for pro-quality toughness and maximum durability!

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Made with a flexible polyethylene material, these field cones are made to withstand heavy use and will never tear, crack, or lose their shape. Two sizes provide extra versatility for training or sports. These are the most popular half cones we have to offer.

Tough and Durable

With a 50% greater thickness than other half-cones on the market, this cone has been designed to withstand heavy use. Even if these cones are stepped on, they will not crack or break. Instead, they will simply regain their form. This is made possible by a durable polyethylene construction.

Simple Stacking

Save a whole lot of space in your storage closets thanks to the easy stacking of these cones! They nest easily into each other, making set up and takedown easier.

A Storage Caddy, sold separately, holds up to 75 of either size of these half-cones and makes clean up and set up even faster.

Size and Color Options

With multiple sizes and colors to choose from, teachers have many more options to organize their classes. The larger size is perfect for marking out footwork drills in football or soccer practices in grass, while the smaller size is ideal for marking out boundaries on gym floors.

The orange and Rainbow® colors are extremely easily to see, and have the added benefit of creating more organization opportunities. At football practice, for example, quarterbacks could be sent to practice drills at the red station, running backs at the green station, offensive line at the yellow station, etc.

ProTuff™ Half-Cone Options

ProTuff™ Half-Cones are available in Rainbow® or Orange Sets of 36 in 2 sizes. Storage Caddy sold separately.

  • Colors
    • Rainbow® Set
    • Orange Set
  • Sizes
    • 2-1/2”H x 8” dia Cones
    • 5”H x 12” dia Cones
  • Storage Caddy. 12”H.