Rainbow® ProTuff™ Dome Cones


Versatile dome cones in soft or rigid polyethylene.

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Keep your students safe with soft, flexible cones that collapse when stepped on. Or use the strong, rigid cones for reinforcing balance skills.

Versatile Cones

Dome cones are excellent when used as lower-profile marking tools, such as for marking running lanes, targets, or obstacles in different games and activities. They can also be used for training tools for a wide variety of sports. For example, use the cones spread around the gym while puck handling around the cones when practicing floor hockey. This helps to improve hand-eye coordination and puck handling skills.

Soft and Rigid Designs

Two options are available: soft and ridged. Soft cones collapse for added safety when stepped on, reforming to their previous shape after impact. An added rubber bottom provides extra non-slip properties for greater safety. Rigid cones are perfect for balance activities, as they do not collapse, instead supporting up to 175 pounds. The rigid cones use a more rigid form of polyethylene than the soft dome cones.

Each type of cone is easy to stack, thanks to their self-nesting nature, which makes for optimal storage. The cones measure 3-1/2” x 7-3/4” in diameter.

Rainbow® Colors

The cones are available in Rainbow® sets. Not only do these colors look fun and inviting for students, but they are also great for class organization. Number your students off for a variety of drills. For example, in a basketball unit, you could put students in a purple station to work on bounce passing, or in a blue station to work on free throws.

Rainbow® ProTuff™ Dome Cone Options

Rainbow® ProTuff™ Dome Cones are available sets, in 2 varieties.

  • Soft Set
  • Rigid Set