Rainbow Numbered 9" Vinyl Spots


Six sets of colored numbered poly spots display numbers 1 through 10 in Rainbow® colors!

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    • Unit: Set of 60
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Add some color to your classroom organization! Use these numbered spots as station markers, bases, targets, and more. Their durable polyvinyl will not tear or crack, even after years of use.

Combine Math and Colors

Having these numbers allows you to add a mathematical twist to your PE games and activities. For example, in a game of Basketball Sharp Shooter, throw these spots down with the higher values being farther away from the basket and give each student 5 shots. Students with the highest total win.

The spots can also be used to establish stations for particular drills or techniques. For example, station 5 could work on partner catching, station 6 could work on ground ball footwork, etc. The same is true for the Rainbow® colors — different colors can be used to establish different stations. Having this combination of numbers and colors allows teachers to throw numerous twists into games while easily organizing their classes.

Designed to Last

Made with 100% durable PVC vinyl, these markers will never crack or become brittle. As a result, they hold up to long lasting use both indoors and out in everyday use settings, such as gym class and afterschool programs. All markers have been made resistant to color fading thanks to UV inhibitors in the material.

Molded-in numbers ensure the spot’s numbers will stay visible and intact far longer than those that are printed or stuck on. The numbers also provide an additional level of grip when students step on top of them. A tacky bottom side ensures the markers stay in place on gym floors, even when stepped on.

Versatile Size

At 9” in diameter, the size is versatile enough o be used for targets, bases, markers, barriers and running lanes. Their light, .4lb weight makes them extremely easy to handle, move, and adjust during play, and makes pickup and setup easy.

Set of 60 include numbers 1-10 in each Rainbow® color.