Rainbow® Plastic Cones

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Sturdy and colorful, these versatile cones are great as markers, targets, boundaries, and more!

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Keep your activities organized with these high-visibility polyethylene cones. They’re stable and tough enough to last, yet lighter weight than our vinyl game cones, and add a fun pop of color to activities!

Light and Durable

With a lighter weight than most other options, these cones still manage to be more durable than other cones on the market thanks to its pliability. Rather than cracking or breaking upon impact, these cones flex slightly then regain their original form. This is made possible by a polyethylene material.

Numerous Uses

While cones are typically used for marking off activities and boundaries, they can be used for a number of other activities as well. For example, these cones are great for target games with coated foam balls, such as team knockout, where the team with the most cones standing at the end of the game wins.

The multiple colors and sizes allow for easy class and game organization. Quickly divide your students into different groups according to color. The purple group could work on pushups, while the yellow group works on sit-ups. Cones can even be purchased in individual colors to match your school’s colors.

Space-Saving Design

These cones easily nest on top of each other for convenient storage. As a result, they take up significantly less space in closets and storage areas, and are easily transported in bags or vehicles.

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