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Rainbow® Stay-N-Play™ Dome Cones


Versatile, rigid, and athletic half-cones stay put while students play!

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Make sure your cones stay in place during games and activities, thanks to the nonslip weighted rubber bottom of these dome cones! Use them for obstacles, lane or boundary markers, targets, and more.

Soft Domes

Soft domes collapse for added safety when they are stepped on. Rather than breaking, they reform back to their previous shape after impact. The added rubber bottom provides extra non-slip properties for additional levels of safety during use. Their flexibility comes from a durable yet soft polyethylene, which is what makes the cone retract so easily.

These cones are best used for marking off running lanes and goal lines for soccer or flag football.

Rigid Domes

Because of their rigid design, these dome cones are perfect to be used for balance activities, as they do not collapse upon use. Instead, they support up to 175 pounds before retracting. This difference comes from a more rigid polyethylene than the material used in the soft dome cones.

Aside from balance activities, these rigid domes can also be used as markers for boundaries or as targets in throwing games.

Easy Organization

Each set of dome cones comes with 6 Rainbow® sets of 6 for a total of 36 domes. These multiple colors allow teachers to easily split students into different groups for drills. For example, students in a red station could work on sit-ups, while students in the blue section could work on pushups.

Each set is 3-1/2”H x 7-3/4” dia.

Rainbow® Stay-N-Play™ Dome Cone Options

Rainbow® Stay-N-Play™ Dome Cones are available in 2 sets of 36.

  • Soft
  • Rigid


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