Rainbow® TuffSpots™

These durable, non-slip rubber floor spots are extremely “tuff”!

Our most affordable rubber floor spots are made of rubber for reliable everyday use! Their rounded edges and secure grip surfaces make sure your students stay safe when stepping on them. Use them for a wide variety of gym class activities!

Versatile Rubber Spots

Floor spots are perfect for marking running lanes and for use as bases, targets, or safe areas in a wide variety of games and activities. For example, in Humans and Zombies, students in pinnies zombie walk and tag out students without pinnies who are humans. The spots can be used to mark safe zones, which humans stand on to avoid getting tagged.

Long-Lasting Spots

A 1/4” thick rubber design ensures the spots won’t rip or crack like many other spots on the market, even if accidentally left outside. A rounder edge along the outside of the spot prevents students from tripping over the spot, keeping everyone safe and participating.

At 9”, these are our most popular size because they are so versatile. Use them for bases, “safe zones”, relays, circuits, and more! And, designed to fit any budget, these spots give you an outstanding combination of durability and affordability—making them perfect for institutional settings!

Bright Rainbow® Colors

Markers come in a Rainbow® Set of 6, with one of each color included. These different colors help teachers to easily organize activities, split students up into groups by color, or designated each color a different point value. 

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