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Vinyl Cones

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Shop for athletic cones from Gopher Sport and quickly organize games and stations!

Use bright orange cones to break up students into groups during PE class. You can also use them to line a field for practice or recreational games. Gopher provides teachers and coaches with durable sports cones that will last game after game.

If you’re looking for a way to indicate stations or teams during class, our PE cones come in a variety of colors for easy recognition. For example, teachers can use yellow cones to indicate a jump rope station, and then use blue cones at the jumping jack station.

In need of soccer cones or other options tailored to your team’s needs? You can rely on the high-strength durability of versatile dome sport cones. Some are extremely heavy-duty and can withstand students standing on them, while others collapse when stepped on. Gopher’s collection of vinyl and plastic cones works for an assortment of sports and drills, with the utmost adaptability.

Which cone is right for me?


  • Plastic: Stable and tough. Lighter weight than vinyl cones.
  • Vinyl: Toughest cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape. Heavy cones stay in place under any conditions.


  • A wide variety of sizes ensures the right cone for every action. Available in 6”, 12”, 18”, 28”, and 36”H.

Browse our large collection of cones and buy the perfect set for your next class or team practice.