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ShoutOut Rechargeable Megaphones
Fanon® Megaphones
JBL® Charge 3

JBL® Charge 3

Sony® Portable Audio System
AmpliVox® Rechargeable Megaphones
JBL® Xtreme

JBL® Xtreme

Sony® CD/Cassette Player
BeltBlaster™ Personal PA
Hi-Def Flat-Screen LED TVs
Audio Buddy™ Portable PA
iPad® Pack

iPad® Pack

VoiceAmp® Tour Personal PA
HamiltonBuhl™ Rechargeable Bluetooth® Speaker
Sony® Video Action Camera Pack
Motorola® T260 Two-Way Radios
HamiltonBuhl® Projector Screens
Motorola® T460 Two-Way Radios
Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Pioneer 2-Speaker/1-Disc Bluetooth Mini System
Utility Carts

Utility Carts

DLP Multimedia Projectors
Flat-Screen TV Carts
AmpliVox® SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA System
Califone® PA419 Bluetooth PA
Special Projects Audio® Group.X Evo Portable PA System
AmpliVox® Bluetooth® Wireless PA
Motorola® RM Series Two-Way Radios
AmpliVox® Wireless Portable PA
HamiltonBuhl Spectra VR Goggles
HamiltonBuhl Induction Wireless Speaker
HamiltonBuhl 10-Port Charging Station
SMARTfit Strike Targets
AmpliVox® SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner
Special Projects Audio® Wireless Mic Systems
Special Projects Audio® Sound Towers/PA Systems
Motorola® CLS1410 Two-Way Radios
Motorola® DLR1020

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Buy school electronic supplies from Gopher Sport to instruct classes and lead teams!

Go beyond traditional teaching and enhance your students’ education with top-quality electronic equipment from Gopher.

TVs, projectors, and iPads show students how to play a game, or allow athletes to study plays for important games. You can also record games using a video camera and play them back for students during class.

PA systems and megaphones help coordinate large groups of students, and two-way radios are a valuable asset when communicating with other staff members in school or on trips. Stereos are a great tool when you want to play music or audio files during class or practice.

Shop for engaging electronic products at Gopher!