AmpliVox® Rechargeable Megaphones

Rechargeable megaphone offers up to 8 hours of use on 1 charge!


AmpliVox® Mity-Meg megaphones for school activities give you the ability to project directions loud and clear, all day long. An LED status indicator tells you how much life remains in the battery and when batteries die, you can quickly recharge it. Weatherproof construction makes them applicable both indoors and out. 4 models give you options for delivering your voice to areas of all sizes.

Rechargeable Battery

Megaphones don't require standard batteries, eliminating the ongoing cost of replacement and the hassle of tearing out dead batteries for fresh replacements. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power these megaphones, and can be easily removed and charged at an outlet when they’re depleted. A fully charged battery provides 8 hours of operation, which is twice the amount of time that standard battery packs deliver!

When batteries die, they take just 4 hours to reach a complete charge again, which means you get 50% more talk time than charge time! These megaphones have a LED charge status indicator light on them to let teachers know when the battery needs to be charged. The battery itself also has a LED charge status indicator that turns green when it is completely charged and features an Automatic Charge Protection, which stops the battery from charging when it is completely charged, helping extend its lifespan overall.

Durable, Portable Design

Thanks to ABS plastic construction, your rechargeable megaphone will be suited for use in any environment, indoors or out. All-weather capabilities make it great for outdoor sports and special situations indoors, such as swim meets.

Megaphones also feature a carrying strap for easy portability. The 100-, 900-, and 1760-yard models all have a wrist carrying strap for security while holding the unit, while the 1760-yard with Mic model has a shoulder carrying strap for security when not in use. These carrying straps all help teachers keep their hands free if needed when moving.

Great Range

There are 3 different yard range models available—100-, 900-, and 1760-yard—as well as a 1760-yard model with an included mic.

  • The 100-yard range has a 10W peak output with a volume control and folds for easy portability. It features 6" bell dia, 9.5"L, and weighs 1 lb 8 oz.
  • The 900-yard range has a 15W peak output offering 3 modes: talk, siren, whistle. It features 8" bell dia, 12"L, and weighs2 lb 3 oz.
  • The 1760-yard range has a 25W peak output offering 3 modes: talk, siren, whistle. It features 9" bell dia, 15"L, and weighs 2 lb 8 oz.
  • The 1760-yard with Mic has a 25W peak output, a volume control, 3 modes (talk, siren, whistle), and a 3’ coil corded microphone that can detach for handheld use. It features a 9" bell dia, 15"L, and weighs 3 lb.

AmpliVox® Rechargeable Megaphone Options

AmpliVox® Rechargeable Megaphones are available in 4 models.

  • 100-Yard Range, 10W
  • 900-Yard Range, 15W
  • 1,760-Yard Range, 25W
  • 1,760-Yard Range with Mic, 25W
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