Apple iPod Touch

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This iPod® package includes everything you need to keep the music rockin'!

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Use an iPod® Nano for school classrooms to access any media you need for class with the press of a button and cycle through songs or audio lessons in seconds to keep students on-task and engaged. Anyone can operate an iPod® Nano unit, and these packs come with everything you need to connect it to speakers, while also keeping it protected and contained.

Perfect for Classrooms

Hook your iPod Nano up directly to speakers or connect it to either a Mac® or PC for instant music streaming in your classroom. The responsive touch-screen interface gives you complete control no matter what you’re plugged into, and provides immediate information about what’s playing. Easy-to-use controls also allow you to quickly adjust the volume, play/pause/change songs, select widescreen video playback, and swap to FM radio at will.

Utilize a Bluetooth® connection to play music over speakers wirelessly or to connect to other Bluetooth®-enabled devices for a cord-free streaming experience.

The unit measures 2.3"W x 4.8"H x 0.2"D and includes a 2.5" display. The compact design takes up virtually no space and is comfortable in the palm of your hand for easy control and handling.

Superb Specs

With 16GB of capacity, teachers can store songs, video clips, audio lessons, and more on the iPod without having to cycle content off. Organizing media on the iPod allows teachers to share with their class quickly and easily, instead of searching the Internet or relying on multiple audio CDs or DVDs.

Enjoy up to 30 hours of media playback on a single charge, as well as fast-charging capabilities that restore battery life from 0% to 80% in 1.5 hours and fully to 100% in just 3 hours! Not having to constantly charge the iPod means teachers can quickly prep and execute lessons, without stalling for time or resorting to alternative lesson plans.

Everything You Need

iPod packages include all of the peripheral accessories you’ll need to set up, use, and store the iPod® Nano appropriately. Within you’ll find:

  • iPod® Nano
  • Lightning-to-USB Cable, 1 ea
  • Apple® EarPods®, 1 ea
  • 3.5mm AC Adapter, 1 ea
  • Audio Splitter, 1 ea
  • USB Car Charger, 1 ea
  • Protective Cases, 3 ea
  • Screen Protector, 1 ea
  • Drawstring Travel Bag, 1 ea
  • Cord Organizer, 1 ea