Audio Buddy™ Portable PA

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Ready-to-go portable PA microphone system projects your voice in an area up to 10,000 square feet and to audiences of up to 1,000!

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This small PA system for teachers in school is extremely portable and surprisingly powerful, projecting your voice to audiences of 1,000 across spaces as large as 10,000 square feet! Microphone options and auxiliary inputs make it possible to put together any multimedia presentation quickly. Rely on 10 D batteries or a rechargeable battery pack for up to 200 hours of up time.

Portable and Powerful

Easily pick up, carry, and set down this powerful, 50 W PA system wherever you need it. The entire device measures 13"L x 3"W x 10"H and weighs just 8 lb total—4 lb if you take out the batteries! There’s no straining to lug this PA around and it’s easy enough for just about anyone to do safely.

Even though it has a sleek, compact design, you can rely on this system to project your voice to up to 10,000 square feet and audiences of up to 1,000! Crystal clear sound can be heard by students all the way in the back and you’ll never have to worry about garbled noise interrupting what you have to say.

The speaker is enclosed in a rugged, durable case with a carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap. It’s weatherproof and scuff-resistant so it can hold up to institutional use, making it great for multi-purpose uses across different classrooms or events.

Multimedia Capabilities

Included with this portable PA microphone system are 3 microphone inputs to accommodate dynamic, condenser, and wireless microphones. An auxiliary input with separate volume and tone controls also allows you to connect a video projector, computer, CD, MP3, or tape player. A line-out option gives teachers the ability to record a presentation, while 2 additional speaker jacks offer the ability to add more speakers for a true stereo sound if desired.

Two different mic systems are available, so teachers can achieve the configuration they need for a specific presentation: a hand-held mic system or a headset and lapel mic system, for hands-free usage for up to 300 feet radius.

2 Power Sources

This speaker system runs on 10 D batteries for up to 200 hours of usage. It can also run on a battery pack that can be recharged with an AC adapter, cutting down on the overall weight of the unit and the cost of replacing batteries as they become depleted.

Audio Buddy™ Portable PA Options

Audio Buddy™ Portable PA is available in 2 systems. Battery Pack and AC Adapter sold separately.

  • Systems
    • Hand-Held Mic System
    • Headset and Lapel Mic System
  • Accessories
    • Battery Pack and AC Adapter
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