Fanon® Megaphones


Lightweight Fanon® megaphones for teachers to use in gym class.

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Lightweight and battery-operated, these handheld megaphones are great for providing instruction to large groups and can be used indoors and out with ease. Choose from 4 range options to get the message out no matter how large or small the space. Carrying straps help keep megaphones secure at all times.

All-Purpose Use

Lightweight, yet highly durable and resilient, these battery-operated megaphones work great for use indoor and outdoor, in virtually any conditions. A sturdy, high-impact ABS plastic bell and weatherproof built-in microphone are tough enough to withstand moisture and other elements that might render lesser megaphones inept! Any instructions you’re speaking through these megaphones will be heard loud and clear by all who need to pay attention.

Powerful Options

The 300-yard range has 10W peak output with a volume control pistol-trigger talk switch, requiring 8AA batteries. It offers a 7.5" dia bell, measures 12.5"L, and weighs 1 lb 13 oz.

  • The 600-yard range has 25W peak output with a volume control pistol-trigger talk switch, as well as a built-in signal alarm/fog horn switch requiring 6 C batteries. It has an 8" dia bell, measures 13.67"L, and weighs 2 lb 2 oz.
  • The 800-yard range has 35W peak output with a volume control pistol-trigger talk switch and built-in signal alarm/fog horn switch, requiring 10 C batteries. It offers an 8.25" dia bell, measures 14.5"L, and weighs 2 lb 5 oz.
  • The 1000-yard range has 25W peak output and features a detachable microphone with talk switch for hand-held use and an alarm/fog horn switch on microphone that requires 10 C batteries. It has an 8.75" dia bell, measures 13.5"L, and weighs 2 lb 10 oz.

Secure Handling

All 4 models feature some form of carrying strap for added security and versatility. The 300-, 600-, and 800-yard models all have a wrist carrying strap, while the 1000-yard model sports a shoulder carrying strap. These straps all help teachers keep their hands free if needed when moving around and prevent megaphones from dropping on the floor or bumping into things.

Fanon® Megaphone Options

Fanon® Megaphones are available in 4 ranges. Batteries not included.

  • 300-Yard Range, 10W
  • 600-Yard Range, 25W
  • 800-Yard Range, 35W
  • 1,000-Yard Range, 35W